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How switching to Solar Panels in York can benefit you.

Solar panels are far more suitable to UK homes than most people realise. Rainy or cloudy days won’t stop your solar panels from harvesting solar energy and producing electricity for your home. In fact, solar panels can be a great way to bring a range of benefits your way.

Switching to solar power can help in a number of ways. Perhaps the most important to you as a homeowner or private tenant is the energy bill savings you can make. By switching to solar, you’ll no longer be exposed to energy bill rises because you’ll have increased energy independence.

But perhaps how solar benefits you isn’t your primary concern. Solar panels can also benefit the planet thanks to the reduced carbon emissions they offer. If a greener life is your main concern, then solar panels are an excellent option for you.

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Choose Fixx to help you install Solar PV York

Solar PV systems are great for your home, but knowing which company to trust to install them can be difficult. With Fixx, you can be rest assured that you’re working with a trusted installer with accreditations to back it up.

One of those accreditations is NICEIC. The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting essentially regulates electrical training to ensure that installers are able to work with electric systems effectively – this includes solar PV panels.

By being a NICEIC Approved Contractor, you can be confident that the work we carry out is fully regulated and the solar panels we install will be done so in a professional manner ensuring the quality of our work.

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Fixx’s Solar Experience

Our solar installation team are all experienced in supplying, installing, and maintaining solar panels, so we can tailor our services to your needs as required. Over the years we’ve developed industry knowledge that’s unrivalled, so we’re excellently placed to support those looking to install solar panels in York.

If it’s a new solar system you’re looking for, then our expert installers can help you build the perfect system for your home to meet your energy demands, save big on energy bills, and increase your energy security and independence.

If it’s an older system that needs maintenance or a thorough service, then we can handle that too. At Fixx, we’re a team of solar experts waiting to share our industry knowledge and experience with customers throughout Yorkshire today.

How do solar panels work?

Solar PV systems are made of photovoltaic cells which convert solar energy into electricity. These PV cells are then placed between layers of semiconducting silicon which helps to energise photons which are naturally present in sunlight. When these photons are energised an electric field is created. This then creates a direct current. 

UK homes use alternating current to power our appliances. In order for solar panels to be useful then, their direct current has to then pass through a solar inverter, which then becomes alternating current and can be used in your home.

What’s the average solar panel price in York?

With solar panels, prices vary depending on so many factors. Things like: 

  • The size of your solar system
  • The make and model of your solar panels 
  • Your solar panel type
  • Size of your property
  • Complexity of installation
  • Additional extras (such as solar batteries or solar diverters)


For that reason we can’t give you a completely accurate quote without knowing the full details of your installation requirements. However, you can expect to pay around £6,000 for a solar system suitable for a standard three bed house.

How much maintenance do solar panels need?

Day to day, you won’t need to worry about maintenance when it comes to solar panels because the Yorkshire weather will take care of the most important part of maintaining your panels – cleaning. 

All solar panels are designed to be self-cleaning, so that when it rains, any dirt or debris that has built up on the surface of the panels is simply washed away. This keeps your panels working as they should. 

You will also, however, need an annual maintenance service. During this service, professional installers (like our team at Fixx) will come and complete a thorough check of your system, from panels to wiring, inverters to solar batteries. That way, your solar system is ready to continue working for you for the following year.

How long do solar panels last?

Most modern solar panels are expected to last for 25 years and over. Some of the very best on the market could even last for as long as 40 years before their efficiency drops to a point that a replacement is better. 

Each year your solar panels will lose some of their efficiency. But for many models, this works out at about 0.2% efficiency lost per year, so you won’t notice any significant drop off in performance over that time. 

If you do notice a significant sudden change to the amount of energy your solar panels are producing for your home, or a significant rise in energy bills – contact Fixx. You may have an issue with your system that needs addressing.

How many solar panels will I need?

Just as the average solar panel price is difficult to answer without knowing the full scope of your solar project, it’s difficult to know how many solar panels you’ll need for your home. There are a number of different factors affecting this:

  • Size of your property
  • Annual energy usage (and whether that’s higher or lower than the average for your property size in the UK)
  • The type of panel you opt for
  • Your panel’s output
  • Etc


There are, however, some rough guides that might help you think about the number of panels you might need:

  • Flat – 2-4 250W panels
  • 3 bedroom house – 4-6 250W panels
  • 4/5 bedroom house – 7-9 250W panels 
  • 5+ bedroom house – 10-15 250W panels


The best way to find out how many solar panels you need is to work with a member of our expert team today.

What savings can I expect after installing solar panels?

According to Energy Saving Trust, using fuel prices that are correct as of October 2023, in the North of England you can expect to save between £305 (when out all day until 6pm) and £485 (when home all day) annually on your energy bills. 

This includes a small payment from the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) – a government-led scheme which allows households with solar panels to sell back some of their excess energy to energy suppliers for a fee. The average SEG payment is around £120 per year or so. 

With those estimates, you can save a significant amount each year with solar panels in York.

Do solar panels add value to a home?

How much value solar panels add to a home is something of a hot debate in the solar world. Some estimates suggest that it adds no value to your home at all, others suggest it can add as much as 25% because the system is already in place and the new homeowner will benefit from reduced energy bills because of the solar system you’ve installed. 

At Fixx, we think both of those estimates are a little extreme, and in our experience we’ve found that homes can probably bring an extra 5% when solar panels are installed. Ultimately, though, the best way to make your money back on solar panels is to use them until you have at least ‘broke even’.

Eventually solar panels pay for themselves in energy bill savings. Wait until then, and your solar panels will be a wonderful investment. And any extra value they add to your home after that point is simply icing on the cake.

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