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LPG Boiler Installation Services in York.

Local gas heating expert Fixx supplies and installs LPG boilers in the York area for homes without a mains gas connection.

These high-performance boilers provide homeowners and tenants with convenient and reliable heating, hot water, and cooking facilities.

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Types of LPG Boilers

Fixx LPG boiler installation services for the York district offer three types of boilers: combination boiler, system boiler, and conventional boiler. 

LPG Boilers in York

LPG Combination Boiler

LPG combination boilers provide heat and hot water on demand, without the need for a costly hot- or cold-water storage system. 

Their compact size makes them a popular choice in smaller properties in the York area off the gas grid and for households that don’t use a huge amount of hot water.

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LPG System Boiler

LPG system boilers provide hot water and heating like combi boilers but store hot water in a cylinder. This means you won’t need a water tank in your roof space or loft.

LPG system boilers are often installed in homes with multiple bathrooms. They also provide a solution for families who want a boiler compatible with solar water-heating.

Installation Benefits

LPG Conventional Boiler

LPG conventional boilers produce heating and hot water by using a hot-water cylinder and a cold-water tank.

Ideal in homes that need a lot of hot water at the same time, LPG conventional boilers can also replace heating systems in older properties without the need for new radiators and pipework.

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Dependability and Versatility

When installed by Fixx gas heating specialists, LPG boilers are as reliable as any other type of boiler, including oil-fired boilers. They’re as efficient as boilers running on mains gas and can last longer – up 15 to 20 years.

Liquid petroleum gas is a versatile fuel. LPG boilers can power central heating or gas fires, provide hot water on tap, and run all types of gas cooking appliances, including range cookers such as an Aga. LPG also offers a complementary source of energy in homes using solar and wind energy.

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Benefits of LPG Boilers

LPG (liquified petroleum gas) boilers can be used in all types of homes. They provide several key benefits as a popular source of fuel for off-grid households such as those in the rural areas surrounding York. 


Getting fuel to your LPG boiler is easy, thanks to a well-established network of suppliers. The fuel is stored outside, in bottles or a tank above or below ground.  LPG is a high-density gas, so you can store however much you need in liquid form without taking up lots of space. 

If you’re switching from oil to LPG, there’s usually no need to replace your radiators and internal pipework, just the boiler and fuel storage system.


LPG boilers cost around half as much as natural-gas boilers and a lot less than oil boilers and electric boilers. They’re also reasonably affordable to install. Liquid petroleum gas is more expensive than oil, but it’s also more efficient, and this may reduce boiler running costs in the long-term.

Energy Efficiency.

Modern LPG boilers can achieve up to 98% energy efficiency during the heating process, which reduces carbon emissions. They produce 35% less carbon dioxide than coal and 12% less than oil.

Why Choose a Fixx LPG Boiler Installation?

Castleford-based Fixx has been installing boilers in homes throughout North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, East Riding, and West Yorkshire since 2011.

Our LPG boiler installation services for the York area are delivered by skilled, experienced Gas Safe-registered technicians qualified to work with LPG appliances.

We price our LPG boiler services as competitively as possible without sacrificing quality, and we offer excellent customer service with a focus on integrity and professionalism.

Our LPG boiler installations come with the option of financing with zero interest for 12 months. And we offer attractively-priced maintenance plans including annual boiler servicing

LPG Boiler FAQ's

How Do LPG Boilers Work?

Liquid petroleum gas refers to either propane or butane in liquid form. These gases are natural byproducts of gas and oil extraction and oil refining. LPG boilers run on propane gas.

An LPG boiler burns the propane gas to produce energy that provides home heating and hot water and powers cooking appliances.

What’s the Cost of Installing an LPG Boiler?

LPG boilers cost far less than natural-gas boilers, oil boilers, and electric boilers – around £350 for a basic model. But the most popular brands are more expensive. 

Installation costs range from £650 to £1,500. If you’re installing an LPG boiler for the first time, it’s likely to cost more than a replacement. 

LPG storage tanks cost from £250 to £1,500, or you can rent one for around £75 to £130 a year.

Fixx offers free, fixed-price quotes for LPG boiler installations in the York area. 

Are LPG Boilers Being Banned?

In a move towards electricity-powered heat pumps, the government intends to phase out fossil fuel heating systems for rural off-grid homes by 2026 as part of the effort to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

This doesn’t mean LPG boilers are going to be banned from 2026. The proposal refers to heating systems in homes that will be built after 2026.

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