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HomeGuard T&Cs

Below you will find the Terms & Conditions of our HomeGuard Products.

These terms and conditions represent a legal agreement between you and Fixx Limited. Please read carefully through these terms and conditions so you know what is included, and what is excluded. If you require these terms and conditions in an alternative format, such as braille or large print, please contact us.

References in these conditions to ‘Fixx, ‘Fixx Ltd’, ‘Fixx Limited’, ‘we’ and ‘us’ are references to Fixx Limited (company number 07757445), whose office is registered at Fixx limited, West court offices, Allerton Bywater, WF10 2FY.


If you think that you have a gas leak, you must immediately call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999, who will attend your property to isolate the leak.

Any major emergencies, injuries, threat to life or serious damage must be immediately reported to the public emergency services on 999, and / or your utilities provider.


Customer Helpline: 0330 3530 365

Email: (email is monitored during working hours)


Cover can be taken out for home electrical and any domestic gas appliances and central heating systems

Attendance will normally be within 24 hours of initial call if done before 1pm, subject to availability of engineer.

Initial inspection – At the time of the inspection visit the service engineer will check the safe operation of the system/appliance and do a visual check for electrics cover. If there are anything we deem sub-standard this will be quoted for on the initial visit. Any intermittent faults in the 28 days following the first visit will not be covered.

Annual visit – all boiler service agreements will have an annual service included, this will be done on your initial check and then once renewed within 3 months of the renewal date.

The Service Agreement comprises a service plan, and not a contract of insurance. This agreement forms a service and repair agreement between Us and You the customer. Our Plans are not categorised as insurance products and therefore insurance regulation does not apply. This Agreement will not be in force unless you have paid all the amounts due under the Agreement. The Service Agreement contains details of the plan purchased and the terms and conditions applicable.

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully. This document forms the basis of your agreement with Fixx limited. It is important you understand exactly the extent of the service provided in the service agreement purchased. If you are unsure about anything or have a query, please contact us immediately.

Cover is only provided for your property if it is used for normal day to day living purposes, including use as a home office and for properties rented out to residential tenants. Cover is not provided where the main purpose of the property is for commercial purposes.


The service cover is an annual agreement and shall remain valid from year to year from the date of notified acceptance of the service contract and for each period it is renewed. If any due instalment remains unpaid, the service contract will automatically terminate and Fixx Ltd will seek to recover the outstanding instalments.


Payment for the service contract is made by monthly instalments to be paid by the customer and as notified by Fixx Ltd to the customer.

The renewal date of the service contract will be the yearly anniversary of the date the contract first commenced. Notification of the renewal charge will be sent in advance of the renewal date. Your agreement will automatically renew unless you or we choose to cancel.

This service contract shall remain valid for so long as no payments are outstanding pursuant to the conditions of this contract.

Fixx Ltd reserves the right to refuse to offer renewal of any service contract OR continue the contract depending on exclusions found on the initial inspection visit

Excess payments and payments for the initial inspection will be taken in advance of the visit


If a problem occurs at your property, which may result in a claim, please call 0330 3530 365 as soon as possible and we will arrange for an engineer to attend your property to assess the problem in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.

In the event that you engage the services of an engineer prior to making contact with Fixx limited or before we have been able to attend any costs incurred by you will not be within the scope of this Service Agreement. This plan is for Emergency situations only. Routine maintenance (with the exception of your annual boiler service) tasks will not be within the scope of the Service Agreement.

If you have a ‘with excess’ policy the amount detailed on your policy schedule will need to be paid each time a claim is made. Payment will be taken before we send out an engineer. We will then cover the remaining cost of the claim up to the applicable claims limit. Excess payment(s) will be refunded if the claim is cancelled prior to the engineer attending or the engineer does not start any investigative work due to the problem not being covered. However, if investigation is undertaken and the engineer confirms the problem cannot be resolved under the policy, your excess will not be refunded, and this will count as a claim towards any claims limit. Where the engineer identifies additional work is required which is not covered under your policy this work will be quoted for you separately.


At the time of the first service visit, Fixx Ltd reserve the right to cancel the contract and refund any monies paid, for reasons of safety, accessibility, installation, and condition of the appliance and connected system. At this point the initial inspection cost will still be due.


The following are excluded from service contracts:

  • Continuous callouts for intermittent faults that are not apparent at the time of engineer’s visit. We would need you to allow the fault to become more regular so we can diagnose the fault correctly.
  • Adjustments to time and temperature controls
  • Any issues with the incorrect design of the installation
  • Any fault or damage following issues with Electricity, Water or Gas supply.
  • If following a site visit by one of our engineers where a recommendation to repair a fault is not carried out, Fixx Ltd reserves the right, after due consideration of all the facts, to invalidate the service contract.
  • Pipework in solid floors or not protected in walls.
  • Making access to pipework/cables under tiled/laminated/chipboard floors
  • Gas supply pipe work from meter to appliance isolation point
  • Any damage caused by hard water resulting in scale, shale and/or sludge
  • Any flue systems located in the fabric of the building or voids or past the 1st meter of flue pipework
  • Electrical supply up to and including the fuse spur (this can be quoted to replace through our electrical department)
  • The cost of replacing system inhibitors shall be met by the customer if this is required
  • Work on unvented cylinders/boiler mates/thermal stores
  • The cost of power-flushing shall be met by the customer if this is required.
  • All hot/cold water supply pipe work and any secondary circulation pumps/pipe work
  • Any fault occurring due to freezing conditions
  • Any defect or damage caused to persons or property as a result of water damage or fire
  • Any defect or damage caused to or occurring as a result of third-party interference or remedial work
  • Non-standard electrical fittings/plumbing fittings including designer radiators
  • Any damage caused to the fabric of the building/floor coverings by making access to complete a repair

Also excluded is the repair or replacement of:

  • Electrical appliances
  • Spotlights and decorative lights
  • Security systems
  • External fittings such as TV aerials and satellite dishes.
  • Non-permanent wiring
  • Resetting of circuit breakers, which can be reset by you
  • Electrical appliances, burglar alarms and camera systems
  • Showers and their parts, shower pumps, cooker extractor hoods, storage and panel heaters, underfloor heating, swimming pools, controls, pumps, detectors, timers and programmers, electrical plugs, and solar panels and their inverters
  • The electricity supply cable up to the fuse box or mains isolation switch if fitted
  • Power cables between your home and any detached outbuildings, outdoor fittings or appliances on your property
  • Electrics in your outbuildings if the supply is connected to a separate electricity meter than to your home
  • Electrics that run underground externally to your building
  • Electric gates
  • Rubber or lead covered cables
  • Complete system re-wire
  • Outside lighting not fixed to your home or outbuildings
  • Full replacement of consumer unit
  • Any part of the electrical wiring where completing a repair would result in a breach of the current electrical wiring regulations and electrical safety standards
  • Any damage to tiling/walls etc. which may be necessary in order to repair the fault
  • Electric vehicle charging points which are covered by an existing warranty, or where the fault is in the device itself
  • Like for like replacement of chrome/metal switches and sockets- we will fit a standard white replacement.


Any alterations/modifications to the system must be notified to Fixx Ltd prior to commencement of works.

We will cancel this service agreement immediately if you have provided inaccurate or misleading information or acted in a false or fraudulent manner in order to enter into this service agreement.

The maximum sum covered, including parts, labour and VAT is £600 in any one year of cover.

In the event of parts being obsolete or the boiler being beyond economical repair, an allowance of £400 shall be given against the cost of a replacement boiler.

The allowance shall only be given if Fixx Ltd carries out the replacement boiler within the period of an active policy.

We reserve the right to use replacement parts supplied from third parties in addition to those parts that may be sourced from the manufacturer or their approved suppliers.

We are not responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience resulting from a delay in obtaining or receiving delivery from the relevant supplier of any spares.

When replacement parts are received, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time slot for the Engineer to attend.

You should make sure that the Engineer can get reasonable access to carry out the repair.

In unusual circumstances, such as extreme weather events or illness, Fixx limited may be forced to reschedule your repair. We will endeavour to inform you of any scheduling problems as quickly as possible but in some circumstances, we will be unable to inform you until the scheduled date of your repair. We will try, at all times, to minimise any inconvenience to you

Damage – We will take all reasonably practicable steps to avoid damaging your property during the course of your repair.

Occasionally there may be some damage. We will fill any holes and reassemble fittings and features as required but will not replace or repair any damage that was caused by the existing fault. We will only be liable to recompense you for damage caused by wilful negligence.

Debt – We reserve the right to transfer your data to a third-party debt collection agency. This data will be utilised solely for the recovery of any outstanding payment owed to the service provider.


If you cancel your contract with us we will not normally give a refund. However, you are entitled to a refund if you cancel within 7 days of commencement or renewal, provided that we have not carried out any work on any appliance or system covered. If we have carried out works, we will charge you an amount that covers the cost of work carried out.

We will cancel your agreement if you have given false information or do not make an agreed payment.


It is our intention to give you the best possible service but if you do have any questions or concerns about your plan or the handling of a breakdown, please contact us:

Customer Helpline: 0330 3530 365

Email: (email is monitored during working hours)

Fixx Limited, West Court Offices, Allerton Bywater, WF10 2FY

We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions and will send you an updated version when these changes are made. At the point of change you have a 7 day period where you can cancel your HomeGuard free of charge but you will not receive any refund for monies paid.