Save £100s Each Year With a Heat Pump

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Heat Pump Grants for households in York.

Heat pumps installed in York by local heating and renewable energy specialist Fixx will give householders clean, green technology that cuts their energy costs.

There’s never been a better time to get an air source heat pump, with grants of up to £7,500 available to eligible households.

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Reduced Carbon Footprint

An air source heat pump is a sustainable solution that transfers heat instead of generating it by burning fossil fuels. This will reduce your carbon footprint as greener technology takes the UK a step closer to achieving net zero by 2050.

£7,500 Grants Available

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Lower Bills

Heat pumps are three to four times more efficient than gas boilers, LPG boilers, oil boilers, and electric boilers. They use only 1 unit of electricity to produce 3-4 units of energy. This could save you around £1,000 a year on your energy bills, depending on the heating system you are replacing. 

Finance Available

Heat Pump Grants

The government has increased grant support, available under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, by up to £7,500 for householders who install an air-source heat pump by 2028. Fixx can help you get your share of this cash, making your heat pump installation in York potentially less costly to you than putting in a new gas boiler.

Certifications and Insurances

Grants Available

Boiler Replacement.

Heat pumps require the use of some electricity to allow them to run, and the heat generated warms your home and can also provide hot water, so they’re ideal to replace old, less efficient boilers of all types, whether or not your home is connected to the gas grid. Government plans to stop the installation of gas boilers in new homes by 2025 will only lead to increased adoption of heat pump technology.

Already got a Heat Pump?

If you already have a heat pump and you are looking for a one off repair or are in need of a service, take a look at our options below!

From £130+VAT per hour

Book A One-Off Repair

How much you pay will depend how long it takes to fix your problem and where you live. Every hour thereafter will cost £90.00 + VAT

From £150 + VAT

Book An Annual Service

One of our Heat Pump engineers will carry out a full service. Our costs are based on a single Air Source Heat Pump (up to 22kw)

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All-Year Comfort.

A heat pump will keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the changing seasons. Heat pumps don’t only provide heat; they can also be used to make your home cooler in hot weather.

Types of Air Source Heat Pumps

There are two main types of air source heat pumps: air-to-water and air-to-air. They work differently and are compatible with different kinds of heating systems.

Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

Air-to-water heat pumps absorb heat from the air outside and feed it into the water in central heating and hot-water supply systems.They need a large surface area to release heat, so work well with underfloor heating or larger radiators. 

Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

Air-to-air heat pumps extract heat from outside air and transfer it into your home through fans. This means you’ll need a warm-air circulation system to move the heat around your home, and it doesn’t produce hot water.

Grants Available

Benefits of Our York Air Source Heat Pump Installation Services .

West Yorkshire-based Fixx has been installing heating systems for homeowners and tenants in York and the rest of Yorkshire for the past 12 years. We’ve earned a strong reputation based on integrity, professionalism, and fair pricing.

As electrical and renewable energy experts, our York heat pump installation services meet the highest standards.

Our air source heat pumps revolutionise the way homes are heated, cutting heating costs while helping the environment. And the cost of getting a heat pump has never been lower.

Heat Pump Prices from Just £500.

Installing a heat pump used to entail a hefty initial expense, although it was an investment that paid for itself in the long term.

Now, with huge grants on offer, you can get payback on your investment much faster. Prices for a complete air source heat pump system from Fixx start as low as £500 when you factor in grant support.

Financing and Maintenance

If money is tight, you can spread the cost of your heat pump over 12 months and pay no interest charges. And we can give your heat pump a full annual service to maximise efficiency, with prices from £150 (plus VAT).

Heat Pump FAQ's

How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?

Air source heat pumps are highly efficient because they generate more energy than they consume and emit less carbon dioxide than many conventional heating systems.

Heat pumps work like a refrigerator in reverse. An external wall-mounted, roof-mounted, or floor-standing unit takes heat from external air, and a compressor boosts it to a higher temperature. This heat is then transferred to your home’s heating system. Heat pumps work even if the temperature is well below zero.

During hot weather, heat pumps can keep your home cool like an air conditioner by transferring interior heat to the outside.

What Grants Are Available for Heat Pumps?

The government has various grants that cut the cost of heat pumps, and the amounts on offer have now been increased.

With the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, for example, you can now get a subsidy of up to £7,500 on an air source heat pump installation – £2,500 more than the original amount.

Fixx’s York heat pump installation services can help you with the grant application process.

Do I Need Planning Permission for an Air Source Heat Pump?

In most cases, householders don’t need planning permission to install (or replace or modify) an air source heat pump, whether you live in a house, bungalow, or a flat.

You will need planning consent, though, to install a heat pump on or around a listed building, and if you want to put a heat pump in a location on a conservation area property that fronts a road.

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