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Fixing Leaking Pipes

Read our guide on what to do in the event of a leak and things you may be able to do to fix the issue of leaking pipes in your home.  

Our Guide to fixing leaking pipes

Our Guide

Our Fixx engineers are always on hand to repair any leaking pipes but sometimes, a professional plumber might not be necessary. Here we detail how to repair a leaking or dripping pipe and save money at the same time.

  1. Locate your stop valve and turn clockwise to stop your water flow. This can either be for the whole property or for an isolated area/pipe.
  2. Next, turn on any taps that are connected to the leaking pipe(s) in order to fully drain them of any water.
  3. Dry off the pipe with a towel so that it is fully dry.
  4. Identify what type of leak it is and the cause. In may cases, it will be a loose connection and once this has been tightened with a spanner, the leak should cease. If the pipe continues to leak, a new pipe may be required to replace the existing one. These can be found at most local hardware stores.
  5. If this doesn’t seem necessary and the leak is fairly minor, a stop-gap repair can be performed in the form of a patch. Applying a leak patch kit or epoxy paste over the damaged area can stop leaks in a quick and simple manner. Alternatively duct tape can be used on a completely dry pipe to create a resilient and leak free space.
  6. Ensure you give all repairs plenty of time to dry and seal before turning your water back on at the stop valve.
  7. Often, leaking pipes are caused by corrosion and can be a sign that greater attention and repairs may be necessary.
  8. If these measures aren’t successful or you don’t feel confident with your repairs, our Fixx engineers are only a quick call away.