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An air source heat pump could improve your home’s energy efficiency and slash energy bills. Let Fixx guide you through what they can do for your home today. 

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£7,500 Grants Available

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Government Grants

A large portion of your heat pump installation could be covered by grants of up to £7,500

Air Source Heat Pumps York

Air Source Heat Pump Services For Homes In York!

For those looking into air source heat pumps, it can feel like a pretty daunting prospect. After all, you’ll be changing from a traditional heating system to a completely new option. 

At Fixx, we know that making these changes will bring you a host of benefits, though, so there’s no need to worry. From reduced energy bills to increased energy efficiency and a greener way of living, switching to an air source heat pump just makes sense. 

Our team of expert installers are all capable of installing a range of air source heat pump models – including both monobloc and split systems – meaning there’s no installation too complicated for Fixx. If you’re considering a switch to heat pumps, contact us today.

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Transform how you heat your home with an air source heat pump. As a renewable and cost-effective source of heat energy, a heat pump is a great alternative to gas boilers and an investment that will pay for itself over time.

Not only will you save on your heating bills, you’ll also drastically reduce your carbon footprint, so it’s win for your pocket and the environment.

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Heat Pump Installation Benefits

Benefit From An Air Source Heat Pump.

Heat pumps are relatively new systems in the world of heating, yet they seem to be getting more traction by the day. And that’s mostly down to the benefits they bring to you as the customer. These include the fact that heat pumps are:

  • Low maintenance 
  • Durable by design 
  • Affordable with grant support via the Boiler Upgrade Scheme
  • Energy efficient (some are able to work at 300-500% efficiency, meaning for every 1kW of energy used to power the heat pump, 3-5kW of heat for your home is produced)
  • Suitable for both zone heating and hot water in your home
  • Cheaper to run with reduced energy costs
  • Easy to install
  • Capable of offering you a greener way of living

Already Got An Air Source Heat Pump?

If you already have a heat pump and you are looking for a one off repair or are in need of a service, take a look at our options below!

From £130+VAT per hour

Book A One-Off Repair

How much you pay will depend how long it takes to fix your problem and where you live. Every hour thereafter will cost £90.00 + VAT

From £150 + VAT

Book An Annual Service

One of our Heat Pump engineers will carry out a full service. Our costs are based on a single Air Source Heat Pump (up to 22kw)

Our Heat Pump FAQ's

How does an air source heat pump work?

An air source heat pump extracts cool air from outside your property and converts it to warmer air to be used to heat your home or water in your home. Air from outside is extracted and pumped over a grid of tubes with refrigerant liquid inside, heating the liquid until it becomes a gas. 

The gas is passed through a compressor to increase the pressure, heating it still further. The gas then reaches a heat exchanger, where the heat warms up cool air and water to be used in your home for zone heating or hot water.

What’s the difference between monobloc and split system heat pumps?

Monobloc and split system heat pumps do the exact same thing, but differently. 

A monobloc system houses the entire air source heat pump system in a single outdoor unit and requires no internal unit. A split system, well, splits the system – meaning there’s both an outdoor unit, and an indoor unit, though both are usually quite small in comparison to monobloc systems.

How much does it cost to install an air source heat pump?

Prices with Fixx start from £500 (including grant support from the Boiler Upgrade Scheme at £7,500). This can be spread out with one of our Finance Packages to help manage the cost if you require. 

Can I get support through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme?

So long as you’re a homeowner in England or Wales (Scottish residents can qualify for support via Home Energy Scotland) and you’re replacing an old fossil fuel heating system, then you should qualify for support. 

As of October 23 2023, the UK government will be increasing the amount of support on offer from £5,000 per household to £7,500 towards the cost of an air source heat pump.

Is my home suitable for an air source heat pump?

You’ll be eligible for an air source heat pump so long as your home doesn’t currently have any recommendations for insulation upgrades to your home. That’s because if you do, the heat pump won’t be able to warm your home effectively.

As it stands, the only relative drawback to heat pumps is that they aren’t as powerful as gas boilers, meaning any insulation issues will result in a colder home than you would like. With a properly insulated property, though, heat pumps are incredibly effective.

Why work with Fixx?

At Fixx we’re well placed to install your York air source heat pump, as we’re a home improvement installation company based in the North offering our services in York and the surrounding areas – and we believe going local is always best. But why should you trust such an important job to us?

Well, we’re a top team of installers in Yorkshire with an excellent reputation – and customer reviews to back it up. We specialise in a range of home improvements, including the replacement, installation, and servicing of air source heat pumps. 

We’ve achieved accreditation with CHAS, the Gas Safe Register, NICEIC, OFTEC, and we’re SafeContractor Approved. If you don’t know what they mean, essentially they show that we’re; committed to safety and compliance, trusted, professional, and responsible.

You can be confident in the work we carry out when you choose Fixx.

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